Ax Nihongo

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Word/KanjiReadingMeaningsDate AddedCommentFrequency
一切いっさいall, everything, without exception, the whole, entirely, absolutely17/04/18 99
一旦いったんonce, for a moment, one morning, temporarily17/04/18 1021
稼働かどうoperation (of machine), actual work17/04/18 1107
勘違いかんちがい(vs) misunderstanding, wrong guess17/04/18 853
巻き込むまきこむto roll up, to involve, to enfold, to swallow up, to drag into17/04/18 605
記述きじゅつ(vs) describing, descriptor17/04/18 396
記述子きじゅつしdescriptor17/04/18 281
恐縮きょうしゅく(id) shame, very kind of you, sorry to trouble17/04/18 872
経過けいかpassage, expiration, progress17/04/18 257
誤字ごじmisprint17/04/18 826
些細ささい(an) trivial, slight17/04/18 1614
事例じれいexample, precedent17/04/18 256
障害しょうがいobstacle17/04/18 511
先方さきかたthe person in front, companion17/04/18 110
大まかおおまか(an) rough, broad, generous, general17/04/18 5
都合つごうcircumstances, condition, convenience17/04/18 75
導入どうにゅう(vs) introduction, bringing in, leading in17/04/18 285
閉幕へいまくfalling of the curtain17/04/18 922
保留ほりゅう(vs) reserve, putting on hold, deferment17/04/18 473
矢張りやはりalso, still, in spite of, of course17/04/18 780

Word/KanjiReadingMeaningsDate AddedCommentFrequency
ぼやく to grumble, to complain17/04/28
一先ずひとまずfor the present, once, in outline17/04/28 97
下さるくださる(IV) (hon) to give, to confer17/04/28 92
下るくだるto get down, to descend17/04/28 92
下ろすおろすto take down, to launch, to drop, to lower, to let (a person) off, to unload, to discharge17/04/28 92
解析かいせき(vs) analysis17/04/28 758
解析性かいせきせいanalyticity (physics)17/04/28 583
取りあえずとりあえずat once, first of all, for the time being17/04/28 184
取り敢えずとりあえずat once, first of all, for the time being17/04/28 964
取り急ぎとりいそぎin haste17/04/28 223
取敢えずとりあえずat once, first of all, for the time being17/04/28 964
順序じゅんじょorder, sequence, procedure17/04/28 1028
順序不同じゅんじょふどうunordered, random order17/04/28 551
順序立てるじゅんじょたてるto put into order, to arrange (one's thoughts)17/04/28 704
ついで(uk) opportunity, occasion17/04/28 1245
承諾しょうだく(vs) consent, acquiescence, agreement17/04/28 1196
笑みえみsmile17/04/28 860
祖父母そふぼgrandparents17/04/28 815
通うかようto commute, to go back & forth17/04/28 72
任せるまかせるto entrust to another17/04/28 270
満面まんめん(the) whole face17/04/28 356
落とすおとすto drop, to lose, to let fall17/04/28 347