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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


adj. (Hira=ながびく) elongate, lengthened

面子を立ててくれない don't give face
人の面子をつぶさずに without a loss of face for

面子を失う(mentsu wo ushinau) lose face

面子を保つ妥協 (mentsu wo tamotsu dakyou) face-saving compromise

人の面子を立ててやる give someone a chance to save face

面子を捨てる(mentsu wo suteru) swallow [pocket] one's pride

n. (Kata=キッカケ) cue, chance, possibility
n. (Kanji=切掛け) opportunity, chance, pretext, handle, beginning, origination, outset, prelude

n. (Kanji=下痢) diarrhea, abnormally frequent and fluid bowel movements

災いは口元から出る (wazawai ha kuchimot kara deru) 禍從口出 (huochongkouchu)
口は災いの元。(kuchi ha wazawai no moto) ;《諺》
Out of the mouth proceeds evil. // The mouth is the gate of evil.

言葉が少なければ災いも少ない (The) least said, (the) soonest mended.

災いを呼ぶ (wazawai wo yobu)looking for trouble
open (up) a can of worms〔〈語源〉a can of worms は「釣り餌用の虫の入ったカン」のことで、それを開けると、虫がぞろぞろと出てくるので、すぐにふたを閉めないと厄介なことになる〕

災いの前兆を見る (wazawai no zencyou wo miru)
read [see] the writing [handwriting] on the wall

迫り来る災い (semarikuru wazawai)
approaching disaster

悪い考えを抱く者に災いあれ! ;《諺》
(waruikangaedakumono ni wazawaiare)
Evil to him that evil thinks!

人に災いあれと願う (hito ni wazawaiare to negau)
wish someone evil

interj. (Hira=いいきみだ) serves him right, he deserves it

お前のかちゃん出べそ your mother!

adj. puzzling, perplexing, complex

沈黙は金 silence is golden

雄弁は銀、沈黙は金 (yuuben ha gin, chinmoku ha kane)

The love of money is the root of all evil.
《諺》金銭愛は諸悪の根源。(kinsen-ai ha shoaku no kongen)
金好きは諸悪の根源。(kanezuki ha shoaku no kongen)

v. be frightened, be fearful, be afraid, be scared


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